How our customers
became our partners.

In 2018, IMC incorporated numerical and analytical talent into our operations. The company initially focused on assisting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with accounting and payroll services. As we consistently delivered accurate and proficient work, our customer base grew rapidly. This growth enabled us to address a wider range of business challenges as our financial expertise expanded. We responded like all consultants do, by analyzing the logic and coming up with some bright ideas – and it worked! The recognition we earned for delivering innovative solutions helped us evolve into a boutique management consultancy. Soon, we had more problems to solve –substantial challenges from corporations and multinationals. We responded again with the same diligence and candid spirit. In hindsight, our growth stemmed from collaborating with customers to overcome tough challenges. By understanding their needs and leveraging our expertise, we were able to realize our philosophy of collaborative consulting. We refer to it as co-creation, and it embodies the vision of mutual benefit for our businesses and people, aiming to create social and economic security for all.

“ Vision’s create impact

when they’re inclusive.”

■ Shad Ngombabu (CEO)

Our Vision

Mutual benefit for business and people to create social and economic security for all.

Our Mission

Co-create business solutions that deliver breakthrough innovations and performance results.

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