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“we are not just a supplier, we are your business partner ”


At IMC our Mission is to provide clients with superior personalized consulting services by implementing practical solutions for our clients’ diverse needs. Our growth is dependent on our clients growth and we are driven to providing our clients with a stimulus package to address all goals set by our clients.


The phrase ‘win-win’ is often over used these days, at IMC our philosophy and strategy is the one that focuses on partnership with our clients, thus understanding their challenges and their strategic intentions. At IMC we therefore make it our focus and priority to understand our partner’s landscape, partner with them for success, and the results is the sustainable harmonious solution best suited to addressing the challenges facing the client in achieving long term goals, a real win-win solution


At IMC our vision is create tangible change in all activities we engage ourselves in , we aim to be the catalyst that stimulates the promotion of small and medium sized businesses, and providing social upliftment and being the source of all things positive.


At IMC we promise to provide personalied services to meet all your business requirements and provide our clients with professional value with all our services