Seconded Resources:
Support to deliver
on opportunities.

Tax Consultants
HR Consultants


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Quick integration with your team and effective leadership are top priorities as we understand the need that businesses have for financial stability. IMC is rooted in financial expertise, and we’ll apply it to any strategic or operational objective you mandate. Our aim is to deliver practical solutions with agility so you enjoy the financial peace-of-mind. CFO’s are available on a part or full-time basis.

  • Cashflow management.

  • Funding

  • Margin Optimization

  • Tax
  • Risk Management
  • Budgets & forecasting

Tax Consultant

We have provided significant value in the areas of tax compliance and tax optimization. You can benefit from our expertise in these areas. We assist corporates and SME’s in addressing a wide range of tax challenges, from international to local tax matters.

HR Consultant

Administrative support for human resource processes and effective management of critical skills in your organization with the requisite procedures and compliance in place.


We address skill gaps with short, medium and long term placement options that cater to a variety of employment types. We’ll source the right people for continuity operations.

Related Services

  • Business Rescue

    Restructuring & recovery strategies when things go wrong.

  • Liquidations

    Prudent financial & human resource guidance during difficult periods.

Service Areas

  • Seconded Resources

    The support to deliver on opportunities.

  • Financial Accounting

    Empowering your ability and sustainability.

  • People Management

    Building performance through strong culture.